Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I`m Royally POd by Bored Reporters

Wow, Here's a guy that deserves to try unemployment for awhile! Don Martin,columnist for the National Post, proclaims that he and the other fat cats in Ottawa`s press core are `bored` with one of their current assignments. So out off touch with reality is Martin that he expects his readers, many of whom may be facing pay cuts or the unemployment line, to empathize with his colleague who `groaned and begged off`` her assignment to cover the Royal tour.

The fact that the Ottawa press core is so bored and biased may explain the awesomely bad reporting of the current Royal Tour. (Not only did they mix up the Duchess of Cornwell for the lady who does diet commercials, they haven`t told the public that the Crown is entrenched in the Constitution and can`t be changed without provincial support. Nor have they mentioned that their own polls show the only province where more than 50% of the public favour a republic is Quebec. Can`t let the facts get in the way of an exciting story can we?)

Perhaps boredom and bias also explain the national media`s inability to get regional stories right. Where was the reporting of the nearly 1000 protesters at the Progressive Conservative AGM in Red Deer last weekend? Why has Reboot Alberta, a group of progressives meeting in November, received no coverage while the Wildrose Alliance makes national headlines? Where`s the balance?

It doesn't really matter what your views on the royals are. (I like 'em.) Martin`s comments are an insult to every working person in Canada.

I really don't care if the Ottawa Press Core is bored, sometimes. Nor should you.

Reporters are paid to do a job -- and if they don't like that job, they are free to try another career. Frankly, I cover what my editors tell me to and thank them for the assignment. My editors know me well enough to assign stuff I`m interested in, but I`m also happy to write the odd story that doesn`t `turn my crank.` So are most journalists in the `real world.`

Like most freelancers, I try to keep myself personal viewpoints out of a news story. I save my creativity for my books & I save my opinions my blogs.

I'm sure a lot of Canadians, including freelance writers, who provide the bulk of regional and magazine coverage in Canada, would jump at an assignment like covering the royal tour.

The only thing remotely entertaining about Martin`s column is the idea of the Ottawa press gallery calling the Royals boring. Nothing is more boring than arrogance and self-satisfaction. And Don Martin, clearly is a master of both.

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