Thursday, 5 March 2009

There are no Solutions without Hope

There is a thin line between realism and pessimism. Pessimism is as big a lie as manic optimism. Neither help you manage your daily life.
Lately we've been getting nothing but bad news from pundits, politicians, and economic types. Yes, people are losing jobs. Yes, people are losing money in the markets (my husband looks glum when he talks about his investments these days), but the fact is we can get so bogged to down in the 'economic crisis' and injustices (too many and too real), that we become paralysed.

Fellow author, Marcia Laycock has come up with a great idea. Create your own list of seven positive things in your life, or the world in general. Post them. Tell others about them. That way, we can start to fix problems instead of getting bogged down in them. And chances are, you will come up with more than seven.

Here are my first eight:
1. My university aged daughter took the time to send me a postcard from Montreal. (I am blessed by my three healthy, bright children.)
2. Dropping House prices mean more people can buy houses. (Good news for realtors and buyers)
3. Many, in fact most people, still have jobs. I still see posting for jobs on the net and in the paper.
4. The Canadian banking system, though mocked as old fashioned and too conservative for years by foreigners and some Canadian business types, is the only G-7 banking system not to have to be bailed out by the Government.
5. People are rethinking their credit hungry, overly materialistic lifestyles, and making more thoughtful buying decisions.
6. Waste is no longer fashionable.
7. We can walk on city parks and walking trails for free. We are blessed in Canada, especially Alberta, that our cities include natural settings and wildlife within walking distance.
8. Spring is coming. That means more sunshine, more chances to enjoy the world around us, and less use of electricity and fossil fuels.

Now you try it. What do you think we have to be positive about today?

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